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Hailing from Oakland California, Tree Thomas is a promising name within the world of RnB. A budding phenomenon who is inspired by the likes of icons such as Jimi Hendrix and Al Green, Tree  Thomas is driven to mesmerize with his rich and riveting craft. Sculpting for himself a unique position in the music world with his creative fusion of RnB (RnTree), Soul, and Rap, the dynamic artist promises a vibrant new musical ethos.

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Instagram 30.4k

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TikTok 177.4k

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YouTube 3.2k

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Spotify Monthly 6.2k

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LF200821 copy1.jpg
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Newest Project

Every move he has ever made has been building towards this moment – SXGNS, the much anticipated project from artist Tree Thomas is officially online and available on every major music platform right now. 

SXGNS is a 16 track EP of emotional ups and downs centered around arguably one of the worlds most talked about subjects, zodiac signs. The project is a journey through memories and experiences with each sign, realizing that he’s not in love with one sign, but in love with them all.


"Tree Thomas is focused and determined to set the precedence for artists making the transition from sports to music. He promotes a positive outlook on life and lives in the studio. Last year he released “ROOTS”, a 9-track project featuring IAMSU, Kevin Gates, and NBA superstar Damian Lillard." - Bong Mines

Manager - Nik Stewart -

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